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So you need to measure the dimensions of what needs to be packaged, but you’re not sure where to start or what to allow for. You’re thinking about taking the measurements yourself, but are unsure if it will be accurate enough to guarantee a good fit.

With LJB, you don’t have to worry about a thing. Our experienced and trained staff will take care of your needs. Just follow this simple three step process:

1. Call, email or visit us, we will discuss and get a good understanding of your shipping requirements.

2. Arrange for one of our trained consultants to visit your premises for a FREE measurement and ovservation.

3. Based on this measurement and observation, you will receive a quote for the most suitable packaging.

It’s that easy!


What is ISPM 15?

Cases, Crates and Pallets are often manufactured from 'green' or unprocessed timber, if exported this has the potential to spread pests and plant diseases. To reduce this threat the AWPCS was established as part of a worldwide system known as ISPM 15.

ISPM 15 is the 'International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures publication # 15'. Guidelines for regulating Wood Packaging in International Trade. It represents the first international commodity based standard and sets out criteria for regulating wood packaging material used in international trade.

The Australian Wood Packaging Certification Scheme (AWPCS) is a certification scheme that ensures that Australian treatment providers and wood packaging manufacturers produce wood packaging material that meets ISPM 15 standard. Under this scheme wood packaging manufacturers and treatment providers who meet the requirements of ISPM 15 shall be authorised by AQIS (Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service) to apply the internationally recognised mark to wood packaging material produced for use in the export trade.

LJB are certified by AQIS under the AWPCS to produce export certified Cases, Crates and Pallets from heat treated timber. These items are then stamped with this internationally recognised symbol and LJB's certification number. LJB also has 'green case' timber sent to certified kilns for treatment.

For more information on the AWPCS or ISPM 15 visit the AQIS website:


LJB offers a competitive on-site packing service. Specializing in machinery movement, to delicate and fragile goods, whatever your consignment, we have it covered. Our specialist staff will deliver your case / crate to site, wrap and pack to our specifications, ready for transport local, interstate or overseas.

We also pack off-site at our premises in Dandenong South, simply drop your consignment to us or we can arrange to pickup. Our packing service's can include:

• Packed for storage or immediate shipping

• Corrosion protection • Moisture protection • Desiccants • Bubble Wrap • Void Fillers •
• Stenciled to your specification


With our fully automatic cross cut saw, we are able to achieve precision and accuracy, with multiple cut lengths from multiple timber pieces, all cut exceptionally fast!

We also pack dock whole timber packs for pallets, dunnage and timber that does not need 100% accuracy + - 2mm.


Catering for a diverse range of industries, LJB laser solutions provides laser cutting and engraving on a variety of materials including, but not limited to:


Solid Timber - Plywood - Hardwood - MDF - Timber Veneers - Die Board - Balsa - Cork.


Acrylic - Plexiglass - Polycarbonate - Polyethylene - ABS - PETG - Delrin - Mylar.


Paper & Cardboard - Corrugated Cardboard - Leather - Coreflute - Strawboard - Cotton - Linen - Felt - Silk.


Laser engraving delivers a precise, professional finish, to a large range of industries, on a diverse range of materials.

Advertising - Packaging - Plastics Industry - Filters & Gaskets - Architecture - Wood Handcrafts - Stencil Making - Photo Engraving - Corporate Branding - Label Production - Laser Marking - Clothing Industry - Toys - Furniture Industry - Food & Plantal - Sport Industry - University / School projects - to name a few.


Throughout the decades, we have gained knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements of our customers.


Require professionally illustrated cad drawings, look no further. LJB can design "in house"


Artwork and logo service professionally illustrated and designed "in house"

GET A QUOTE today!

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