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Our Storage Modules are designed for the long or short term storage of furniture, household belongings and effects. Made from plywood for one particular reason, "it breathes", helping regulate temprature  and ventilate, this stops them from becoming musty inside.

All modules are fork liftable and designed to be stackable up to three high.

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Storage Modules a core component of our company, and our production facility is optimized for fast turnaround. To help us achieve your preferred deadline, it is crucial to provide as much lead time as possible. LJB is dedicated to meeting your deadlines and will strive to do so. As timber stock changes, it is best to contact us for availability on your required size.


At LJB there is no such term as "STANDARD" all our Storage Modules are made to whatever size you require. We do manufacture a couple of common sizes with our modules.

Files are kept for all orders, so repeat orders are fast and efficient. This also eliminates any guess work, leading to mistake.  We can also allocate product codes to easily identify repeat orders.


As part of our product protection procedure, LJB can stencil your case or crate with standard signage such as: Fragile, Handle With Care, This Side Up and Keep Dry. We also have the ability to create custom stencils in house. For regular customers, we are happy to stencil your company logo or identity.

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