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Reliability of Australian Made Wooden Crates, Cases, and Pallets

When it comes to durable containers for shipping or storage purposes, companies find it difficult to beat the reliability of Australian made wooden crates, cases and pallets, especially those from LJB Timber Packaging. Not only are all these elements strong enough to deal with heavy loads, but they also come in a wide assortment of sizes, including custom ones. In addition, these wooden shipping or storage elements are cost-effective investments as they outperform the same type of items made from other materials.

Our Wooden Packaging Options Contain Quality Materials

We manufacture our wooden packaging options from quality lumber and fasteners to ensure that they do not malfunction or break during transport. You can use these options with confidence, whether you are shipping or storing multiple boxes of merchandise or large pieces of heavy machinery or equipment.

Wooden Packaging Options from LJB Endure Forklift Usage

Our options for timber packaging stand up under forklift transporting daily. The boards will not crack as the forklift picks up the loads that you place on your choice of these options. This is an important benefit since it costs additional funds to replace wooden packaging that breaks down too often.

LJB Has 70 Years of Timber-Packaging Experience

The main reason that the reliability of our Australian made wooden crates, cases and pallets is difficult to beat is the fact that our company provides you 70 years of expertise in the timber-packaging industry. Through these years, we have perfected our techniques for constructing high-quality wooden packaging options that meet the demands of today's shipping and storage needs for companies.

All Our Wooden Packaging Products Adhere to ISPM15 Standards

To ensure that our clients will be able to ship internationally, we manufacture all our wooden packaging options to meet ISPM15 standards. Customs in countries across the globe will prevent shipments that do not adhere to these standards from reaching their final destinations.

We Manufacture All Wooden Packaging in Australia

All of our manufacturing processes for our timber packaging take place in Australia. For this reason, we understand what our local clients expect in the way of quality and service, and we strive to fulfil their needs in a way that satisfies them.

For further info on the reliability of Australian made wooden crates, cases and pallets, consult with LJB Packaging. We will meet with you to discuss your requirements and specifications for timber packaging options for your purposes and explain in detail what we can provide your company. Your satisfaction with our products is our main goal with each order that you place with us.

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