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Onsite Packing and Crating Services from LJB Timber Packaging

At times, your company may require a bit of professional assistance to pack machinery or equipment for shipment or storage. When this occurs, you need to search no further than LJB Timber Packaging. Our company offers quality onsite packing and crating services at affordable prices to ensure that you can store or ship the machinery or equipment easily and safely. Just explore the multiple benefits that you will receive when you take advantage of our services in our following information.

Our Company Provides a Free Quote

Upon request, we will come to your location to provide you with a free, no-obligation quote. We will analyse the complexity of the packing task in order to draw up an accurate quote for all of our services.

Cases or Crates Made to Your Specifications

We will manufacture the crates or cases necessary to perform our services according to your company's specifications. Our company uses only quality timber to create durable products that will stand up during storage or transport no matter how heavy your machinery or equipment is that we will pack inside of our containers.

We Pack Machinery or Equipment for Storage or Shipment Onsite

Once we quote our services and understand what is necessary to perform your company's packing task, we bring the supplies to your location and pack your machinery or equipment onsite to prepare it for transportation or storage. Our specialist crew will deliver the necessary crate or case to your location, pack the machinery or equipment and wrap it accordingly for transport or storage. If you require these services for your merchandise instead, we also can accommodate your needs with our packing and crating services.

Crates and Cases Stenciled According to Your Company's Needs

On top of our other services, we will stencil your cases or crates according to your company's specifications and requirements. The information that the stenciling provides often is crucial to the safe transport or clear identification of your machinery and equipment.

All Cases and Crates Manufactured in Australia

Another benefit to hiring LJB Timber Packaging for our onsite packing and crating services is the fact that we perform all our manufacturing here in Australia. You will be supporting local industry and workers each time you turn to us for our products or services.

Turn to LJB Timber Packaging for our onsite packing and crating services to receive high-quality results. We offer a full line of products that includes timber cases, crates and pallets along with cardboard necessities and timber sales. Our goal is to meet all the needs of our clients in a timely, quality manner.

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